Trees and Towns
Symbols of life and renewal — trees,
     and the towns they inhabit
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Canada and Britain
place names A - C

Beachville (Pond), Ontario, Canada
Bedford (Swiss Garden vistas), Bedfordshire, England
Bratton Seymour (Hall School), Somerset, England
Bristol (Arnos Vale, St. George's Park), England
Canning, Nova Scotia, Canada
Cardiff, Welsh Caerdydd, City and County, Wales
Cloyne (Bon Echo), Ontario, Canada
Colchester (Castle Park, Wivenhoe Park), Essex, England
Coventry (Kenilworth Castle), Warwickshire, England
Bratton Seymour (Hall School) Somerset, England 2003
Bratton Seymour (England) 2003
Cardiff (Univ) Wales
Cardiff (Univ) Wales
Colchester (Castle Park Bandshell) England 2002
Colchester (Castle Park) England 2003
Colchester (Castle Park) England 2003)
Colchester (Castle Park) England 2004
Colchester (River Walk) 2002
Bon Echo Provincial Park. Cloyne, Ontario 1985
Colchester (Castle Pk) England 2003
Colchester (U of Essex) England 1996
Colchester (U of Essex) England 1997
Colchester (U of Essex) England 1997
Colchester (U of Essex) England 1999
Colchester (U of Essex) England 1999
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Beachville, Ontario, Canada 1975
Colchester (the Castle)  England 2005
Bristol (StGeorgesPk) England-1964
Colchester Castle top, England 2005
Colchester Castle Pk fish pond, England - 2005
Colchester Sensory Garden, Castle Pk, England - 2005
Bristol River Avon (Netham Lock) England 1997
Bristol Arnosvale Cemetery (tomb of Raja Rammohun Roy) England 1997
Coventry (Kenilworth Castle) England 1997
Bedford (Swiss Garden) Bedfordshire England 96
Wivenhoe House, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester, Essex, England 97
Colchester (Wivenhoe Pk 2) Essex England 96
Colchester (Wivenhoe Pk 3) Essex England 96
Colchster (Wivenhoe Pk 4) Essex England 96
Colchester (Wivenoe Pk) Essex England 97
Colchester (Wivenhoe Park) Essex England 96
Canning Lookoff, to Minas Basin NS Canada 2006
Colchester Natural History Museum 2005
Bristol Arnos Vale Cemetery graves in the grass 1997
Bristol Nonconformist Mortuary Chapel, Arnos Vale Cemetery 1997
Loweville Pond, Beachville, Ontario 2007
Loweville Pond, Beachville, Ontario 2007-2