Trees and Towns
Symbols of life and renewal — trees,
       and the towns they inhabit
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Canada and Britain
place names D - M

Exeter (Morrison Dam), Ontario, Canada
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Glastonbury, Somerset, England
Grand-Pré, Nova Scotia, Canada
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
London, England
London, Ontario, Canada
Maidstone (Leeds Castle), Kent, England
Montreal (Montréal), Quebec, Canada
Exeter(Morrison Dam) Ontario 1990
Exeter (Morrison Dam) Ontario 1990
London(Islington) England 2004
London (Western) Ontario, Canada 1993

                Trees and Towns, since Sept. 2005.
  photos by Sue McPherson unless stated otherwise.


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Montreal (Chinese Gardens) Quebec, Canada 1995
Montreal (Concordia) Quebec Canada 1995
Montreal (UQAM) Quebec Canada 1995
London (Trafalgar Square, National Art Gallery) England 1997
London Trafalgar Square (Canadian Pacific Building on the right) England 1997
London (UWO) Ontario, Canada 1999
This tree is either Gog or Magog
(probably the former), one of the
last remnants of a Druidic avenue
of oaks, planted in pre-Christian
times in Pagan Glastonbury,
leading to the famous Tor, and
over a thousand years old. Image
and description courtesy of
Secret Landscape Tours
Glastonbury "Gog" Somerset, England
Maidstone (Leeds Castle), Kent England 96
Montreal (West Island) Quebec, Canada 2006
Montreal (West Island 2) Quebec, Canada 2006
Montreal (West Island 3) Quebec, Canada 2006
Montreal: West Island. Photos courtesy of Ian C. Coombe 2006
London Russell Square Gardens, England 2005
London Tavistock Square Gardens, England 2005
Statue commemorating 125th birthday in 1996 of Mahatma Gandhi. Tavistock Square Gardens, London, England
Grand-Pré National Historic Site NS Canada 2006
Grand-Pré National Historic Site NS Canada 2006
Halifax highway view NS Canada 2006
London Ontario Platts Lane
London Ontario Springbank Park 1990
Old Train Bridge, Fredericton, NB, Canada 2004